Go Magnetic North is on a mission to alter the views and empower the travel experience.

Our Story

To travel. For some, it's driving to another state to stay for a long weekend. For others, it's packing three bags worth of gear and hopping on an international flight to explore for two weeks.

Regardless of how you perceive travel, one thing is certain...we all need it in some capacity.

I am not a professional traveler (Is that a thing? Can I be that?). I'm also not a photographer. Or a blogger. Or any of these titles people tend to attach to themselves. I'm a not-so-average person that has a fiery, uncontrollable, burning passion to see this world in all of its raw beauty, and I'm here to share that passion with you.

My hope in sharing with you my stories, mistakes, and enlightening moments are that you will ignite that own spark inside yourself to step outside of your familiar and experience the awe of nature, generosity of cultures, and infinite curiosity.


Photo: Hannah King


The GMN Promise

  • Offer tried and tested travel resources and tips.
  • Advice based off genuine travel experience.
  • Be transparent; showcasing the good, the bad, and the ugly of travel to avoid misleading impressions.
  • Authentic inspiration.
  • Collaborate only with brands/companies that are in-line with Go Magnetic North values.