Why you MUST go to Canada in 2017

No, it's not because of the election results (but it kind of is (kidding) ((not really))).

You MUST go because the admission to all national parks in Canada is FREE in 2017!

Order a Discovery Pass here for free admission to Canada's National Parks, Historic Sites, and Marine Conservation Areas.

This is the perfect opportunity to round up the kids and take the first (or second, third, fourth) big family vacation, take a girls/guys trip road tripping from one park to the next, or grab your sweetheart and sleep under the northern stars.

If you need any convincing, look at the picture below in Banff National Park (Canada's first National Park) of Moraine Lake. You need to see this color blue in person; everyone needs to see this in person.

You only need one pass per group, which makes it that much more convenient to get some friends together and head to Canada, eh!

Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park, British Columbia

Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park, British Columbia