Music for the Wandering Soul

Music can be the perfect complement to any adventure. Whether you’re driving through the mountains of Colorado, walking in the countryside of Ireland, or flying over open water for hours, the playlists you bring with you can set the vibe of the trip. To help you find just the right music to enhance your next adventure, I’m going to be sharing playlists I’ve put together on Spotify. Take these playlists with you wherever you may go and let yourself get lost in the music and on the land.

Hello Adventure.

This first playlist, Hello Adventure, is meant to feed your wandering soul. For the nomads, the dreamers, the ones that appreciate the smaller details in the world. Take this playlist with you as you gasp at the landscape of Iceland, as you gaze at each mountain top in Colorado and wonder whose feet have touched that land, as you stroll through the pines and moss of Oregon waiting to see fairies peek out from behind the ferns. This playlist is for you and your heart. 

Hello Adventure.jpg